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In 1992, a World-Renowned Crystologist named Melody published a book called Love Is In The Earth - A Kaleidoscope of Crystals and won international acclaim for her research of more than 700 members of the Mineral Kingdom.

Today, the LIITE " Love Is In The Earth " series comprises a volume of 9 books including an Encylopedia and a Crystal Tarot set. This series is a wonderful library containing the mineralogical & metaphysical properties of thousands of stones, along with many specific techniques for advancing the work of Therapy through Crystals.  LIITE Melody Kaleidoscope of Crystals

Melody is a Scientist residing in Colorado, holds a Bachelor of Science & a Masters Degree in Mathematics. Her extensive understanding of the Mineral Kingdom has led to worldwide interest through her series of books. This in turn led to Melody Formulating these workshops based on the manual 'Laying-on-of-Stones' & sharing her Methodologies & Techniques, through her Level 1 and Level 2 - Laying-on-of-Stones, - Practitioner Certification Workshops. Please Click Here for more info 

melodyMelody has taught these workshops, qualifying hundreds of Practitioners around the world including the United Kingdom, where in 2002 Melody selected 16 Practitioners, whom she Certified, Accredited and Endorsed as Instructors to teach the ‘Love is in the Earth’ Methodologies & carry on her work.

These workshops, Loving Presented by Naturally universal are instructed by Anni, I.C.H.T., I.I.H.H.T., A.T.L.,  - Certified, Accredited & Endorsed Melody Instructor has a background in Nursing, is a Qualified Holistic Therapist / Teacher / Lecturer & has many years experience in the realm of Holistic & Vibrational Medicine. She has travelled extensively conducting comprehensive Crystal Workshops, Private Crystal Consultations & Awareness Seminars.

nu taomchiNaturally Universal have lovingly presented these workshops in the UK since 2002 & numbers of Melody Certified Practitioners continue to grow from strength to strength.  We estimate there is now in excess of 1000 Practitioners throughout the UK & Ireland.  Click here to read some of our Onederful testimonials... 

Anni & Melody

    Melody & Anni

Melody, Anni & Bob Jackson

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Laying-On-Of-Stones; The Journey Continues. 0-9628190-1-8
A Kaleidoscope of Crystals - Updated. 0-9628190-3-4
Mineralogical Pictorial; Treasure's of the Earth. 0-9628190-2-6

Kaleidoscopic Pictorial - Supplement A. 0-9628190-7-7
Kaleidoscopic Pictorial - Supplement Z. 0-9628190-5-0
Crystal Tarot; The Tarot for the Millennium. 0-9628190-8-5
Reality Checque; On the Level? 0-9628190-9-3
The Crystal and Mineral Encyclopedia
The Liite Fantastic and the Last Testament - 978-0-9628190-6-3

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