(What you need to bring with you) 

** can be pre-ordered & collected on the day


22 Minerals Intuitively selected (may already be part of your collection). Try & make these as varied as possible in terms of colour & of a shape & size so that they may be placed comfortably upon the body.

**A Quartz Laser Wand. Recognised as a long slender naturally formed crystal which tapers from the base to the terminations. Small faces at the termination.

A Chakra Set.  These may be part of your 22 intuitively selected stones. We are working with Vedic Colour System (Red, Orange , Yellow, Green, Sky Blue, Dark Blue, Violet). We recommend that crystals which contain the colour association with the Chakra is used.  Assignment of the type of crystal(s) is not given. 

**A Quartz Faden (pronounced Fah-Den) German for 'thread', which is exactly what you see within this quartz as an inclusion. The Quartz will have a white thread-like fibrous formation(s) running through the crystal & the thread is within either a fluid or gaseous filled chamber.


All of the above

A Feather (at least 3 inches long)





Lovingly Presented by Naturally Universal


Tingalings has been brought to you
as an aid for those working with Crystals
in order to facilitate the practise & art of Crystal Healing.  
All of the Crystals you will view have been lovingly selected
by hand for their High Vibrational Quality; Their Own Individual Energy
& Beauty Specifically for the use in ‘Laying-On-Of Stones’, Meditation & Reflection
& will be a beautiful addition to any collection. 

This guide is designed to aid the lay person as well as the professional
& to bring to you with dedication & clarity, the tools & information you seek.