This is your chance to Participate in a Totally Unique & Fulfilling Experience.
Gain a greater knowledge of the Metaphysical & Mineralogical aspects of Crystals . Their place in Holistic Science
& their ability to Facilitate Vitality, Creativity & Personal Growth.

  These methodologies have been specifically formulated by Melody herself to enable the novice & the practised to build on their abilities. 
Graduates of Level 2 are Qualified to Practice in this field, with the Knowledge that this Method has a History, a Linage, is Scientific & has
Excellent Supportive Published Reference Material, Based in Solid Research.

This workshop is open to all & is an Introduction to Melody & her approach to crystals.

Some of the subjects covered include:

Introduction & background material,
Symbolic Geometric Crystal Arrays
Chakra Crystal Array / Layout
Methodologies for Cleanisng & Programming
Cordal Removal
Mineral Elixirs - Uses & Application
Laying-on-of-Stones with Laying-on-of-Hands

 Graduates of Level I will be awarded a Certificate of Attendance



    Practitioner Certification

This workshop is open to all those who successfully complete Level I.

Selected Layouts for furtherance of Self
Intuitive Healing with intuitive placement of minerals
Past Life Ascension
Tibetan Pulsing with Laying-on-of-Stones
Jin Shin Jyutsu
Soul Journeying
Group Laying-on-of-Stones

All participants are in continual assesment throughout every aspect & stage of the workshop. On successful completion of the workshop Graduates will be awarded with a Certificate of Practice

On succesful completion of the workshop and accompanying assignments you will receive a certificate.
You can choose to use the knowledge to enrich and heal your life,your family, friends & animals.
You may also decide to work as an accredited Melody Crystology Practitioner

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